About Cynergy

Cynergy Consulting was started in 2005 after Cynthia Henderson served as Secretary for two agencies under Governor Jeb Bush. Her daughter, Lauren, joined officially as a full time employee in 2015 after graduating from FSU with a political science major and working on a significant congressional campaign as a manager. Together they enjoy representing clients in the areas of technology, health care, transportation, security services, senior living, environmental, gaming, and professional services.


Cynergy’s mission is to be a successful powerhouse for client achievement through hard work, knowledge and the passion for a positive outcome. Cynergy works hard to maintain intergovernmental, political and external relationships through consistent communication and coordination in order to drive client achievement down the path to success.  One of the key attributes to success in the area of governmental consulting is passion for your client’s interests. Relationships and hard work together are valuable assets in the intense environment of the legislative and executive branches of government. Cynergy’s experience in the various branches of government and working on the “inside” are invaluable assets to success for clients.  Cynergy provides “inside baseball” information, which is the powerful knowledge and information clients need to know via state agency rulemaking and procurement processes, legislative agendas and session developments. Cynergy also pays close attention to the media and how they report information to make sure it’s accurate and beneficial to client success.

Case Studies & Testimonials:

During the Bush administration, Cynergy’s principal led the efforts to improve online licensing and administrative services to the citizens of Florida. This unified service and call center improved communication with the State. This program mission also instituted the online procurement vehicle for the State and the online personnel services. These have allowed businesses to obtain licensees more quickly and provided more information to the public. Cynergy continues to provide the latest technologies to state agencies and school districts to ensure the dollars spent by these agencies are utilized in the most efficient manner possible and that they remain cost efficient.  “Cynergy has successfully navigated us from getting statutory authorization for our services by the legislative branch to approval of procurement opportunities with the executive branch,” said Neil McDonald, Crowne Procurement Services. “Their insight to all needed aspects of the inner-workings of state government has been extremely invaluable to our success.”

Cynergy works diligently to ensure pharmacy services and access are not denied to patients and their families who are in need of medical care. This mission includes debunking fraudulent actions in the healthcare system and improving access to information so the State is better positioned to efficiently utilize billions of dollars that is funneled into Florida’s Medicaid services. Better does not always equal more expensive.  “Doing business in Florida has become increasingly difficult with additional governmental regulations and the squeeze of affordable health care with managed care organizations,” said Ron Pickens, Buy-Rite Drugs.  “Cynergy is the best advocacy group in town and they ensure that our voices are heard and that the legislature is informed of the needed balance in healthcare today.”

Providing care to our increasingly older population has been a priority of our legislature. Ensuring safety and quality of care is the goal of not only our government agencies and legislature but also the providers. Proud of the services they deliver, our clients work closely with us to ensure the latest rules are followed, the training needed to keep up with ever changing regulations and that the improvements in health care are closely followed. Through our services our clients are able to provide top quality care and receive very high reviews far exceeding what is mandated by law and combined with providing the highest level of care and services to the citizens of Florida.  “General Dynamics Health Solutions works with lobbyists across the nation for introductions to decision makers in both the public and private sectors,” said Stephen Smith, GDIT.  “Cynergy has proven relationships that have gained us access to key players in the State of Florida and they are hands down the most effective at connecting those dots.” 

Infrastructure requires millions of dollars each year to maintain our roads and bridges. Safety with red light cameras, wrong way driver technology and evacuation technologies are all provided by our Department of Transportation (DOT) with the help of our clients. Florida DOT is a leader in the nation for the professionalism and quality of services provided to our citizens and we coordinate and protect our clients to make sure that is the best and brightest in the country.  “Cynergy has been a great member of our team to bring the highest in safety standards and technology in Florida,” said Greg Parks, MetroTech.  “Their relationships and technical knowledge are invaluable for us to explore new business and to expand our existing relationships.”